Holy Family Preschool


Your child will be taught by highly qualified educators who will tailor learning to meet their specific skills, interests, abilities and learning needs.

The Catholic Early Learning Centre Emerton provides quality early learning for children 3 to 5 years that:

  • is founded on Catholic values and traditions
  • engages children in experiences that promote their desire for learning
  • encourages younger children’s curiosity and the skills to explore and investigate
  • promotes the development of positive relationships
  • is supported by a safe and nurturing learning environment

We value our partnership with families and seek your active involvement in the learning journey, through shared decision-making and open communication.

Fees start from $14 per day. To learn more call (02) 8869 7250 or send us an email today!

Enrolment Procedure

Where the number of children applying exceeds the number of places available, names will be placed on a waiting list.

The CELC selection process is determined by the Priority of Access Guidelines set by Family Assistance Law, and Early Childhood Education and Care Grants Program, under the NSW State Government Funding Agreements.

Step 1:

Expression of Interest Form

To get started contact us today on (02) 8869 7250 to express your interest in enrolling your child. We recommend you contact us early to avoid disappointment and secure a position as places are limited and fill fast.

Please note that enrolment in a Catholic Early Learning Centre DOES NOT guarantee enrolment in Kindergarten at a Catholic Primary School.

Families are required to go through a separate orientation and enrolment process with their chosen Catholic Primary School.

Step 2:


Once a place is offered to your child at the CELC, you are encouraged to visit the CELC for an enrolment appointment/orientation. To complete the enrolment process, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable enrolment fee of $40 per child.

Step 3:

Enrolment Form

Parents will be asked to complete and submit an enrolment form that includes all information required under relevant regulatory and legislative frameworks was well as a number of authorisations and health information about your child including:

  • Your child's immunisation history statement
  • Birth Certificate
  • Any Court Orders or Restraining Orders concerning custody of the child (if applicable)
  • Your child’s medical plan along with a completed and signed long term medication form (if relevant)
  • A risk minimisation plan in consultation with the nominated supervisor of the CELC (where applicable)

This helps CELC staff to have background information to provide the best education and care for each child.

Where the parent/carer is of non-English speaking background, arrangements will be made for these forms to be translated into the parent’s/carer’s home language and if necessary an interpreter service will be contacted.

Download an Enrolment Form

Learn More About Us

The Catholic Early Learning Centre has a fantastic team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff including:

Natalie Bugelli

Director and Early Childhood Teacher
Mon - Fri


Annalise Bowen

Certificate III educator
Mon - Fri


Helen Camilleri

Early Childhood Teacher
Mon - Fri


Catherine Gauci

Diploma in children's services
Currently studying Bachelor of Teaching
(Birth to five years)
Mon - Fri


Caitlin Wall

Certificate III educator
Tue, Wed, Thur


Lani Wye

Certificate III educator
Casual: Mon - Fri


Cathie Rakebrandt

Office administration
Tue, Wed and Fri




All our educators are fully qualified with child protection training, first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis training. We keep our knowledge and skills current and up to date by regularly attending training sessions and working together as a team.

The centre is conveniently located next to the grounds of Holy Family Primary Emerton. Parking is available in the Luxford Road carpark, walk up the stairs and you'll find us on the left.

As of 2018, our fee scale per daily session is as follows:

Base Fee
Aged 4-5
Equity Fee
Age 3-5
3 year old fee
Holy Family Emerton $14 $14 $20

* Equity Fee is for children of families with a low-income and other concession cards

Please note there is a voluntary payment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in lieu of regular fees.

Notes on fees

  • Fees are charged at a daily rate and are reviewed annually.
  • A non-refundable enrolment fee of $40 per child is payable on application.
  • All fees will be paid at least in full- two (2) weeks in advance at all times.
  • Pay bond before the child commences at the CELC.
  • Note that fees are payable when a child is absent from the CELC for any reason and parents/carers should contact the CELC to make staff aware of their child’s absence.
  • If you are leaving or changing your days, two (2) weeks’ notice in writing is required. The child’s last 2 weeks in the CELC will be covered by this advance payment.
  • Any bank charges related to dishonouring of cheques will be an additional fee charged to the family.
  • At the end of the CELC term, parents/carers will be provided with a statement of usage.  Parents/Carers can present this statement to the Family Assistance Office in order to claim the child care benefit for register care providers.
  • Please note account balances must be $0.00 in order to claim your child care benefit for the term.
  • If a child is still at the CELC after closing time, the parent/carer will be phoned and asked to come and collect the child.  The parent/carer is issued a warning notice that the child has been collected after closing time.  The next occasion the child is collected late, the parent/carer will be charged a ‘Late Pick Up Fee’ in terms of the Fee Policy.  We understand that at times there are reasons why a parent/carer may be late e.g. traffic, crisis.  This policy has been developed to safeguard children, families and staff.  As part of licensing requirement it is illegal to care for a child outside of the approved hours of operation except under extenuating circumstances.

Curriculum and learning program

The NSW Curriculum Framework, The Early Years Framework and the NSW Children’s Services Regulations 2011 provide the framework for our centre. Our motif focuses around children being, belonging and becoming. Our curriculum is based on the principles of a child-centred program where children play, learn and create with the guidance of their teachers (see Our Philosophy).

We record and document the children’s progress by use of a portfolio that parents have access to. We use a range of observation and documentation methods to put together a portfolio of your child’s learning. Our Centre also includes a program on exploring scripture where children can learn about the Catholic values and tradition through stories and play.

Inclusive Practice
Children with additional needs are included in all aspects of the program as well as having an individualised program, to meet their specific needs. Staff will work together with families and liaise with professionals and support agencies to provide the best care and education for all children. More information on this is in the policy folder in the foyer.

Staff and parents communicate and work together by:

  • Attending social events
  • Sharing their culture, talents, skills and experiences within the centre
  • Inviting families to spend time at the centre
  • Assisting with odd jobs
  • Providing feedback on policies and procedures
  • Discussing issues with staff regarding the centre and their child.
  • Daily interactions with staff, communication books, photographic documentation and notice boards.

The centre wants to create a unique relationship with all families at the centre.

The relationship between staff and families is one key component in the development of a sense of belonging and caring which is central to the vision and philosophy of the centre. We aim to address any concerns with the emphasis on resolving issues in a professional manner. Please come and make centre personnel aware of your concern, for more information see the policy folder.

In our ministry in Catholic Early Learning Centres (CELC), we strive, as a work of love, for the full human development of children, grounded in the teachings of Christ and at the service of society.

All staff members share in the evangelising mission of the Church, as they endeavour to bring culture and faith into harmony in their CELC and their communities. The Parish Priest, families, children and educators work in partnership to realise their mission.

"Our image of the child is that of being competent, intelligent, a co-constructor of knowledge and a researcher actively seeking to make meaning of the world, often in collaboration with others"
- Reflections 'Reggio Emilia Principles within Australian contacts'. Jan Millikan 2003:33.

At the Catholic Early Learning Centre (CELC) we believe that each child is a valuable and unique individual created by God. We value each child as an individual responsible for their own learning. We believe that children are theory builders and problem solvers, who learn best by making meaning of their world through play, relationships and experiences. We value children as social beings and recognise that they co-construct knowledge with peers, their families and our educators.

We value play as a learning process that enables each child to learn through concrete 'hands on' experiences such as doing, creating, experimenting, predicting, imagining, achieving, investigating, and identifying strengths and limitations.

Learning through play is how children "organise and make sense of their social worlds", using innovative and creative activities as enriching learning experiences. Children will be encouraged to discover 'self' and feel safe to explore within the world around them. We will encourage children to have ownership of their learning, which will empower them and build a passion for knowledge. Children should feel a sense of belonging in their environment, we will nurture their being while celebrating their present and future and what they are becoming.

Our CELC aims to provide young children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. We work collaboratively with families in promoting children's learning by implementing the Early Years Learning Framework and applying best practice as reflective of the National Quality Framework.

We provide an enriching inclusive environment that recognises diversity, including culture and ability. We work in partnership with families, Catholic school leaders and Catholic parishes to promote Gospel values and traditions while respecting the individuality of families and children.

CELC educators work in collaborative partnerships with the school community, intervention services and families. The CELC staff members value all stakeholders knowledge and contributions embedding trust and free communication in a reciprocal relationship that is respectful of one another by sharing insights and perspectives concerning each individual child.

At Holy Family Preschool we:

  • Listen to our children as they are using their 'hundred languages' - a hundred hands, thoughts, ways of thinking, playing, speaking and listening, marvelling, discovering and inventing. (Loris Malaguzzi)
  • Recognise our families contributions and expertise, not only as part of the preschool but as a member of the parish community of Holy Family, valuing the child not only as an individual but as a member of the wider community.
  • Observing and documenting each child's individual development and interests, and linking these to the outcomes of the early years learning framework.
  • Value our role in encouraging children to feel confident in taking ownership of their learning and instil a thirst for knowledge in the now and to take into their future endeavours.
  • Create an environment that engages the interests of our children, promoting creativity, problem solving, investigating, hypothesising and experimentation.
  • Are committed to fostering our image of the child as connected, creative, inquisitive, reflective and spiritual.
  • Provide opportunities for self-selected play, contributions to the program, and to be involved in small and large group experiences, with educators embracing our role in intentional teaching, modelling and scaffolding the children's learning.
  • Encourage Catholic values through daily prayer and meditation and participating in traditional ceremonies, whilst celebrating and respecting the uniqueness and diversity of our children, families and community.

The core principles in this Code of Ethics are based on the fundamental and prized values of the profession. They act to guide decision making in relation to ethical responsibilities.

These core principles require a commitment to respect and maintain the rights and dignity of children, families, colleagues and communities.

  • Each child has unique interests and strengths and the capacity to contribute to their communities.
  • Children are citizens from birth with civil, cultural, linguistic, social and economic rights.
  • Effective learning and teaching is characterised by professional decisions that draw on specialised knowledge and multiple perspectives.
  • Partnerships with families and communities support shared responsibility for children’s learning, development and wellbeing.
  • Democratic, fair and inclusive practices promote equity and a strong sense of belonging.
  • Respectful, responsive and reciprocal relationships are central to children’s education and care.
  • Play and leisure are essential for children’s learning, development and wellbeing.
  • Research, inquiry and practice-based evidence inform quality education and care.


Our centre follows the guidelines by the Department of Health in regards to infectious diseases. With so many children attending the centre, we must ensure the well being of all the children. Children with infectious diseases are not permitted in the centre. Please notify the centre if your child has an infectious illness. Children showing signs of any infectious disease will be asked to stay at home until a doctor’s clearance certificate is presented to the office or staff on duty. Any vomiting, diarrhea, or high temperatures must be clear for at least 24 hours before returning to the centre. There will be more information on this in the policy folder which is located in the foyer.

The centre has written procedures for safety checks. These include checks on the building and equipment, opening and closing of the centre, accessing potentially dangerous substances etc. Material Safety Data Sheets are kept on all products used in the centre. All hazardous substances are stored in a locked cupboard and are inaccessible to children. ‘Warning’ signs are displayed on these areas. More information on this is in the policy folder which is located in the foyer.

Allergies and Special Diets

If your child has a particular food intolerance, or special allergy requirement, please discuss this with the Director. Should they require a specific range of products, you may be required to supply specific foods. Changes to your child’s food or allergy requirements will need to be made in writing.

Anaphylactic Response

If your child has been diagnosed with a life threatening allergic reaction, please provide the centre with a letter form the doctor with instruction on the procedures for the appropriate emergency response. Families are to provide medication, with written authorisation and are responsible for monitoring the ‘use by date’ on medication. More information on this is in the policy folder in the foyer.

The centre has elected to be a ‘nut free’ environment.

Enrol Today

Children are eligible for enrolment in the CELC on or after their third birthday.

Priority of access is given to children from Disadvantaged backgrounds such as children from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, children who are listed on their parents Centrelink Concession Card and children turning four or five before the 31st of July in that school year.


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