Let Me Entertain You!

2019 Stage 2 PBL (7)

Over the past three weeks, Year 3 and Year 4 have been creating and practising performances. It is part of our PBL project called "Let Me Entertain You!" We have been learning about how to entertain other people.The idea behind this project was for students to learn and perform something that they have never done before. To challenge themselves students performed a range of things such as card tricks, musical performances, mime, magic and a range of other activities.

We believe that it is important to entertain and bring joy to other people even if we are going through the hardest part of our journey. 

Students performed instrumental music, dancing, singing and many more types of acts! We had lots of experience of being in front of people to perform. On the day that we performed, there were lots of parents to perform to. 

To me, doing a Siva Samoa is hard work. I guess I owe a big apology to my parents!

A big thank you to parents and family members for coming and watching our PBL.