Willy Wonka’s golden ticket for Holy Family Emerton!

Holy Family Primary Emerton had Augustus Gloop and Willy Wonka at the gate to greet students, who also dressed up as their favourite Roald Dahl characters on the first day of Term 2

Students and staff from Holy Family Primary Emerton were greeted by characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when they came back to school after the Easter break!

Students were invited to come to school dressed up as their favourite Roald Dahl characters too, and were also given a Golden Ticket...but what for?

The students started their day with an assembly in the hall, which featured Willy Wonka (aka Tim Martin from Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta’s performing and creative arts program CAPTIVATE).

Here they learned that the whole school “needed to hold onto their Golden Tickets” as they were all going to go and see the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical at the Capitol Theatre later in May!



Holy Family Leader of Learning Ben Oxley (dressed as Augustus Gloop) said the popular show would give students at the school an unforgettable experience of live theatre.

Activities aimed at students using their imagination and curiosity on the first day of term included candy making, chocolate inventions, bucket making, skittle rainbows and more. The classic children’s book will continue to provide a focus for learning at the school in Term Two.

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