Holy Family showcase what they learnt from getting a Golden Ticket!

Students presented their learnings to each other, parents and even special quest Willy Wonka

As part of the project, students were given the opportunity to present their projects to their peers from other grades, parents and even special guest Willy Wonka!

Presentations were focused on several areas including: the learning journey which included a driving question; their individual goals, challenges and how these were overcome; working collaboratively; what they learnt (knowledge and skill); what they would change; obtaining feedback; communicating confidently and showing appreciation for others’ work.

Year 5 students Fred, Jasmine and Cynthia said they learnt about collaboration when it came to the creation of their website and that they worked really hard on staying focused on their task and working together. “Working on showing our appreciation was what I found the most challenging,’’ Cynthia said.

Willy Wonka returned to Holy Family Primary Emerton to hear all about what students learnt from seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Year 3 teacher Julie De Santis said this is the first time students had done video blogs based on their work into researching characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. “It has been a great opportunity for students to learn about writing and responding. Researching and then learning how to write a character appreciation using emotive words. The students have worked really hard on this and you can tell how proud they are of their work,’’ Mrs De Santis said.

Perhaps the term’s learning is best summed up by Year 4 student Karina who said they not only learnt how to be ``really good communicators’’ but that they got to learn fun facts about chocolate!!