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Enrolment Process

Holy Family Primary accepts enrolments at any time during the school year. However, the main enrolment period is usually from Term 2 onwards.

  • Enrolments are invited for the following year at the beginning of the new school year
  • Families of new children seeking enrolment meet with the principal, usually from Term 2 onwards
  • Letters of acceptance are sent out in August
  • A transition program is held in Term 4 to enable children and parents to familiarise themselves with the school
  • Just before the children start school a meeting time is set up between the families and the children’s Kindergarten teacher to facilitate the passing on of important information about the child
  • The following certificates are required with the enrolment application:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Baptism Certificate (if not baptised at Holy Family)
    • Immunisation Certificate

Admission Policy & Procedures

Transition Program

For 4–5 weeks in Term 4 children beginning Kindergarten the next year come to Holy Family for two hours each week.  During this time they participate in class doing craft activities, listening to stories, singing songs and having morning tea together. This gives them a chance to familiarise themselves with the school and also gives the teachers an opportunity to observe the children before they start.

During the few weeks, our speech therapist, and literacy support team also do some observations.  While the children are in the classrooms, there are sessions for the parents involving such topics as health, language, student management and of course the practicalities of starting school at Holy Family.

This also gives the parents the opportunity to get to know each other over a cuppa and ask any questions they may have.

School Uniforms

Please contact the school office for further information about school uniforms

Uniform Details


Further Information

If you have any questions about the enrolment process do not hesitate to contact the school office on 9628 9232.

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