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Principal Mr John Spradbrow 
Assistant Principal Ms Mary Kelly
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Cathy Vogt


Teaching staff Teaching staff Administrative staff
Miss Maggie Dobrucki Miss Faith Jessel Mrs Denise Carroll
Miss Jennie Leano Mrs Melissa Slatford Mrs Monika Cunningham
Ms Mary Kelly Mrs Lisa Powderly Mrs Rose Ragen
Miss Kirsha Mendoza
Mrs Janet Marie
Mr Ray Donaldson
Miss Katelyn Sweeney
Ms Michelle Dennis
Mr Shaun Murphy
Miss Brooke Mackay
Mrs Debbie Long
Mr Malcolm Board
Mrs Alex Ali
Mrs Navinta Lal Mr Luke Sultana
Miss Danielle Connolly Miss Monica Dann

Mrs Cathy Vogt
Miss Lauren Wheeler
Miss Julie De Santis
Mrs Janine Tauner

Mr Andrew Lehmann
Mrs Maite Fallon

Mrs Alison Crombie
Mrs Linda Keating

Mrs Alex Boss
Mrs Sue Garland

Mr Adam Fletcher
Mrs Simone Grundy

Mrs Angela Alonzo
Miss Rochelle Williams

Mr James West
Sr Katherine Tyrrell

If you wish to contact a member of staff please refer to our contact us page.
Hidden UpdatePanel, which is used to help with saving state when minimizing, moving and closing docks. This way the docks state is saved faster (no need to update the docking zones).