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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Holy Family is a community-based Catholic school where we celebrate our faith, and work together to enable our children to reach their potential and bring God to life in each other.

Our Mission

We will honour and act on these principles:

  • We welcome all to our Catholic community

  • We develop our wisdom as a community from the experiences each person brings

  • We are all responsible for each child’s development

  • We are totally committed to each child’s success

  • We are sustained by the faith, honesty, generosity, and warmth of the families of our school

  • We work in partnership with the parish in creating a safe, faith-filled and nurturing school environment

  • We value and foster connections with the wider community

  • We draw strength from the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

  • We will conduct ourselves professionally in our roles as staff members

  • We will model Gospel values in our interactions with each other, in keeping with our Catholic tradition

  • We will respect all faiths, cultures and backgrounds

  • We will nurture and celebrate a sense of family and belonging
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